3.2 Given a scenario, troubleshoot common personal computer (PC) security issues

  • Common Symptoms
    • Unable to Access the Network
    • Desktop Alerts
    • False Alerts Regarding Antivirus Protection
    • Altered System or Personal Files
      • Missing / Renamed Files
    • Unwanted Notifications Within the OS
    • OS Update Failures
  • Browser-Related Symptoms
    • Random / Frequent Pop Ups
    • Certificate Warnings
    • Redirection

Common Symptoms

Common symptoms for PC security problems are in the table below.

Unable to Access the NetworkVerify that the computer is physically connected to the network
Verify that the network adapter driver is installed correctly
Verify that the network interface is set to DHCP or static (as applicable) and that the IP address is configured correctly
Verify that the firewall is not blocking traffic

Desktop AlertsDisable notifications
Uninstall applications that are generating notifications

False Alerts Regarding Antivirus ProtectionThe alert may be a pop-up ad, which can be ignored
Use a pop-up blocker
Uninstall applications that are generating notifications
Altered System or Personal Files Missing or Renamed FilesThe end user accidentally deleted or moved the file
The hard disk drive is physically damaged and corrupting the data.  Replace the hard disk drive.
Run the system file checker
Restore files from back up

Unwanted Notifications Within the OSDisable notifications
Uninstall applications that are generating notifications
OS Update FailuresReboot the computer
Manually install the update.  If the update fails again, check the error message. 

Random / Frequent Pop UpsUse a pop-up blocker
Uninstall any applications that are generating pop ups

Certificate WarningsVerify that you are accessing a legitimate website
Verify that the date and time on your computer are correct
Install trusted root certificates if they are missing

RedirectionUninstall any applications that are redirecting your web browser

Pop-ups  A pop-up ad can be a normal part of browsing a website
Install a pop-up blocker if you don’t want to see pop-ups
Some pop-ups appear automatically (without interaction from a website) if a user has installed some adware/malware
In that case, you must remove the adware  
Security AlertIdentify the cause of the security alert and act accordingly
Windows will provide a security alert when you try to run a program that is not trusted
Verify the source and purpose of the program before allowing it
Some security alerts are false positives