How to Study

I can’t tell you how to study.  That depends on how you learn and how much time you need.  But I can tell you what to study.

You should know:

  • Equations
  • The 5 Process Groups
  • The 10 Knowledge Areas
  • The 49 Processes
  • Which Process Group and Knowledge Area each Process fits into
  • The Inputs, Outputs, and Tools & Techniques for each Process Group
  • How each Tool & Technique works, in detail
  • Each Input & Output, in less detail

There are many terms and facts to learn.  Sometimes the dictionary definition of a term is different from the PMI definition of the word.  So, it is important to understand the PMI meaning.

How this Book is Divided

This book is divided into several sections to make the material easier to understand.  In the PMBOK Guide, the first three chapters are devoted to the introduction.  Then each of the next ten chapters is devoted to a different knowledge area.  The Inputs, Outputs, and Tools & Techniques of each of the 49 processes are described.

Each of the 49 Processes has its own Inputs, Outputs, and Tools & Techniques, but there is substantial overlap between the processes.  Outputs from one process become inputs to another process.  Tools are reused on multiple processes.  In the real world, and on the exam, the processes, tools, inputs, and outputs do not appear in order.  And learning them in the order of the PMBOK Guide is not practical because earlier processes often refer to later processes, which have yet to be explained.  And it gets boring if we keep repeating the same material.  So, we will mix it up a bit.

This book is divided into several sections:

  • Section A: An introduction to projects and project management.
  • Section B: Project Life Cycle, Processes, and Knowledge Areas.
  • Section C: Knowledge Areas in more detail.
  • Section D: Summary of each of the 49 Process Management Groups, divided by knowledge areas.
  • Section E: More details about each of the 49 Process Management Groups.
  • Section F: Tools & Techniques.  Each tool or technique is explained in detail.  Tools & Techniques are listed in alphabetical order.
  • Section G: Additional Tools & Techniques.  There are several tools that are not listed in the PMBOK Guide, but still appear on the exam.
  • Section H: Inputs & Outputs.  Inputs & Outputs are described here.