Part 1: PMBOK Guide

The PMBOK Guide = Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide

  • Provides “Generally Recognized” knowledge, which means
    • Knowledge that applies to most projects, most of the time
    • Among professionals, there is a consensus about the usefulness and value of the knowledge
  • Provides “Good Practice”, which means
    • Among professionals, there is a general agreement that the use of the knowledge will increase the likelihood of success of the project
    • But every project is different; the project team is responsible for determining what is appropriate for each project
  • Contains
    • Common vocabulary, so that project professionals can understand each other

PMI Lexicon of Project Management Terms provides consistent, professional vocabulary

Project Management Institute Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct promotes respect, responsibility, fairness, honesty, and an obligation to comply with the laws, regulations, organizational and professional policies.  You should read it.