Part 110: Expert Judgment
(Project Integration Management: Develop Project Charter)
(Project Integration Management: Develop Project Management Plan)
(Project Integration Management: Direct and Manage Project Work)
(Project Integration Management: Manage Project Knowledge)
(Project Integration Management: Monitor and Control Project Work)
(Project Integration Management: Perform Integrated Change Control)
(Project Integration Management: Close Project or Phase)
(Project Scope Management: Plan Scope Management)
(Project Scope Management: Collect Requirements)
(Project Scope Management: Define Scope)
(Project Scope Management: Create WBS)
(Project Schedule Management: Plan Schedule Management)
(Project Schedule Management: Define Activities)
(Project Schedule Management: Estimate Activity Durations)
(Project Cost Management: Plan Cost Management)
(Project Cost Management: Estimate Costs)
(Project Cost Management: Determine Budget)
(Project Cost Management: Control Costs)
(Project Quality Management: Plan Quality Management)
(Project Resource Management: Plan Resource Management)
(Project Resource Management: Estimate Activity Resources)
(Project Communications Management: Plan Communications Management)
(Project Communications Management: Monitor Communications)
(Project Risk Management: Plan Risk Management)
(Project Risk Management: Identify Risks)
(Project Risk Management: Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis)
(Project Risk Management: Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis)
(Project Risk Management: Plan Risk Responses)
(Project Risk Management: Implement Risk Responses)
(Project Procurement Management: Plan Procurement Management)
(Project Procurement Management: Conduct Procurements)
(Project Procurement Management: Control Procurements)
(Project Stakeholder Management: Identify Stakeholders)
(Project Stakeholder Management: Plan Stakeholder Engagement)
(Project Stakeholder Management: Manage Stakeholder Management)

  • Expert Judgment comes from
    • Other units in the organization
    • Consultants
    • Stakeholders
    • Professional/Technical Associations
    • Industry Groups
    • Subject Matter Experts
    • Project Management Office
  • Need Expert Judgment to
    • Develop Project Charter
    • Develop Project Management Plan
      • Tailor the process to the project
      • Develop technical/management details
      • Determine resources/skill levels to perform work
      • Define level of configuration management
      • Determine which project documents are subject to change control
      • Prioritize work on the project
    • Direct and Manage Project Work
    • Identify Risks
    • Perform Integrated Change Control
    • Close Project or Phase
    • Define Scope
    • Create WBS
      • May use industry or organizational templates/databases/best practices to break down work
  • We need experts in each process areas
  • We should find the appropriate expert for each situation
  • Experts know
    • Financial analysis (earned value, variance analysis, forecasting, trends)
    • Risk management
    • Contracts
    • Technical knowledge related to the industry and project
    • Tailoring the project management process
    • Resources and skills required to perform project work
    • How to prioritize work and ensure appropriate allocation of resources
    • Laws and regulations that apply to project activity
    • Earned value analysis
    • Interpretation of data
    • Estimating techniques
    • Conflict management
    • Scheduling methods & software
    • Quality assurance & control
    • Quality measurements
    • Negotiating
    • Talent management & recruitment
    • Employment law
    • Managing sellers, logistics, and lead times
    • Politics and power structures
    • Organizational policies
    • Risk modeling
    • Threat & opportunity response strategies
    • Procurement
    • Contract types
    • Proposal evaluations
    • Functional areas