Part 117: Project Management Information System (PMIS)
(Project Integration Management: Direct and Manage Project Work)
(Project Schedule Management: Sequence Activities)
(Project Schedule Management: Develop Schedule)
(Project Schedule Management: Control Schedule)
(Project Cost Management: Estimate Costs)
(Project Cost Management: Control Costs)
(Project Resource Management: Estimate Activity Resources)
(Project Resource Management: Manage Team)
(Project Resource Management: Control Resources)
(Project Communications Management: Manage Communications)
(Project Communications Management: Monitor Communications)
(Project Risk Management: Implement Risk Responses)

  • The Project Management Information System is part of Enterprise Environmental Factors
  • It could include
    • Scheduling Tools
    • Work Authorization System
      • Ensures that work is performed at the correct time, and in the correct sequence, and that it follows applicable safety standards
      • For example, at large factories, before beginning any work, you must obtain a “permit” from a safety officer.  The safety officer checks to make sure that you have all the necessary Personal Protective Equipment, and that you have adequate training on all the tools you plan to use.
    • Configuration Management System
    • Information Collection/Distribution System
    • Automated gathering/reporting on Key Performance Indicators (KPI)s