Part 125: Scope Baseline

//Part 125: Scope Baseline
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Part 125: Scope Baseline
(OUTPUT Project Scope Management: Create WBS)

  • A Scope Baseline has three parts
    • Approved Scope Statement
    • Work Breakdown Structure
    • WBS Dictionary
  • A Scope Baseline can’t be changed without going through the Change Control process.  Remember, once a “baseline” is established, it can’t be changed without using the Change Control process.
  • Includes
    • Project Scope Statement
      • Description of the scope, deliverables, assumptions, and constraints
    • WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)
      • Decomposition of the total scope
      • The lowest level of the WBS hierarchy are the Work Packages
    • Work Package
      • Each Work Package is assigned to one control account and one unique identifier
      • A control account can contain multiple work packages
      • Each Work Package provides a structure to summarize costs, schedule, and resources; therefore, we can measure the value of each work package
    • Planning Package
      • A Planning Package is a group of Work Packages
      • A Planning Package may contain costs, but not schedules
    • WBS Dictionary
      • Provides deliverable activity, and scheduling information for each component in the WBS
      • Contains
        • Code of account identifier
        • Description of work
        • Assumptions/constraints
        • Responsible organization
        • Schedule milestones
        • Associated schedule activities
        • Resources required
        • Cost Estimates
        • Quality Requirements
        • Acceptance criteria
        • Technical References
        • Agreement Information