Part 126: Project Scope Statement

//Part 126: Project Scope Statement
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Part 126: Project Scope Statement
(OUTPUT Project Scope Management: Define Scope)

  • The Project Scope Statement is a description of the project scope, deliverables, assumptions, and constraints
  • The Project Scope includes the Product Scope
  • Describes the project’s deliverables and the work required to create the deliverables
  • May contain explicit scope exclusions to manage expectations (i.e. what this project will NOT include)
  • The Project Scope allows us to determine whether additional work falls within the scope or whether we need to generate a Change Request
  • Allows the team to perform more detailed planning
  • Project Scope Includes
    • Product Scope Description
      • What is the product or service?
      • As work continues, this description gets more detailed through Progressive Elaboration
    • Acceptance Criteria
      • Conditions that deliverables must meet in order to be accepted
    • Deliverable
      • A unique and verifiable product, result or capability to perform a service
      • Required in order to complete the project or project phase
      • Could include reports and documentation
      • Deliverables may be described with few or many details
    • Project Exclusion
      • What are we excluding from the project?
      • This allows us to manage expectations and avoid conflict if future work arises
    • Constraints
      • Limiting factors that affect execution of the project (costs, schedule, regulations)
    • Assumptions
      • Factors that we consider to be true when planning the project
      • An assumption must be documented