Part 13: Project Management Processes

Project Management Process

  • The Processes are a set of actions/activities that create a product/service/result
  • There are 49 processes
  • You don’t have to use all 49 processes in a project
  • Each Process has three parts
    • INPUTS

To be a successful project manager

  • Select appropriate processes for your project
  • Use a defined approach (project governance) that is adaptable to meet the requirements of the project
  • Maintain communication & engagement with stakeholders
  • Comply with stakeholder requirements
  • Balance the six Constraints: Scope, Schedule, Budget, Quality, Resources, and Risk

Project Management Process vs Product-Oriented Process

  • Project Management Process
    • Maintains effective flow in the Project Life Cycle
  • Product-Oriented Process (Product Management Processes)
    • Generates the project’s product
    • Varies by application area and phase
  • PMBOK Guide only looks at Project Management Process, but Product-Oriented Processes should not be ignored

Again, PMBOK Guide specifies Good Practice (general agreement); Good Practice isn’t always applied uniformly.

  • Remember that changes to one process affects others
  • Projects do not exist in a closed system
    • Somebody (an organization) is paying for your project, and expects updates and results
    • Therefore, communication is very important