Part 138: Organizational Process Assets Updates
(OUTPUT Project Integration Management: Direct and Manage Project Work)
(OUTPUT Project Integration Management: Manage Project Knowledge)
(OUTPUT Project Integration Management: Close Project or Phase)
(OUTPUT Project Resources Management: Acquire Resources)
(OUTPUT Project Resources Management: Develop Team)
(OUTPUT Project Communications Management: Manage Communications)
(OUTPUT Project Risk Management: Monitor Risks)
(OUTPUT Project Procurement Management: Plan Procurement Management)
(OUTPUT Project Procurement Management: Conduct Procurements)
(OUTPUT Project Procurement Management: Control Procurements)

  • Organizational Process Assets that are updated
    • Direct and Manage Project Work
      • All assets can be updated in this process
    • Manage Project Knowledge
      • All assets can be updated in this process
    • Close Project or Phase
      • Project Documents (Documentation for project activities, including scope, cost, schedule, project calendars, risk registers, change management documentation, planned risk response actions, and risk impact)
      • Operational and Support Documents (Documents for supporting the product/service that the project will deliver)
      • Project or Phase Closure Documents (Final documents that indicate completion of the project or phase, and transfer of the completed deliverables to others)
      • Lessons Learned Repository (Lessons learned for use in future projects and phases)
    • Acquire Resources
      • Documentation for acquiring and/or allocating resources
    • Develop Team
      • Training requirements & worker assessments
    • Manage Communications
      • Project records (correspondence, meeting memos, etc.)
    • Monitor Risks
      • Templates for risk management plan, and risk management report
      • Risk Breakdown Structure
    • Plan Procurement Management
      • Information on qualified sellers
    • Conduct Procurement
      • Lists of qualified sellers
      • Seller performance evaluations (how well the seller performed under the contract, which can be used to evaluate sellers in future procurements)
    • Control Procurement
      • Payment schedules
      • Seller performance evaluations
      • Lists of qualified sellers
      • Lessons learned
      • Contract documentation