Part 149: Procurement Management Plan
(OUTPUT Project Procurement Management: Plan Procurement Management)

  • The Procurement Management Plan describes the activities we will perform in the procurement process
  • Can include
    • Types of contracts
    • Risk management issues
    • Whether independent estimates will be used
    • Whether the Organization has a procurement, contracting, or purchasing department, or if the project team can unilaterally acquire goods
    • Standardized procurement documents
    • Coordinating procurement with other parts of the project
    • Constraints
    • Lead times for purchasing specific items
    • Make-or-buy decisions, and linking them to the Estimate Activity Resources process
    • Setting scheduled dates for each contract
    • Identifying requirements for performance bonds and insurance contracts
    • Direction to be provided to sellers on developing and maintaining a Work Breakdown Structure
    • The form and format for contract statements of work
    • Identifying prequalified sellers
    • Technical metrics to evaluate sellers