Part 157: Project Charter
(INPUT Project Integration Management: Develop Project Management Plan)
(INPUT Project Integration Management: Close Project or Phase)
(INPUT Project Scope Management: Plan Scope Management)
(INPUT Project Scope Management: Collect Requirements)
(INPUT Project Scope Management: Define Scope)
(INPUT Project Schedule Management: Plan Schedule Management)
(INPUT Project Cost Management: Plan Cost Management)
(INPUT Project Quality Management: Plan Quality Management)
(INPUT Project Resource Management: Plan Resource Management)
(INPUT Project Communications Management: Plan Communications Management)
(INPUT Project Risk Management: Plan Risk Management)
(INPUT Project Procurement Management: Plan Procurement Management)
(INPUT Project Stakeholder Management: Identify Stakeholders)
(INPUT Project Stakeholder Management: Plan Stakeholder Engagement)
(OUTPUT Project Integration Management: Develop Project Charter)

  • A Charter authorizes the existence of a project
  • Charter gives project manager authority to plan/execute the project
  • Charter is a partnership between performing and requesting organizations
  • The Charter is internal and created even when there is an external sales contract; the Charter explains how the business will fulfill the contract
  • A project is initiated by an external entity (sponsor, PMO, chairperson)
    • Initiator must have ability to obtain funding/resources for the project
  • The Charter aligns the Project to the Organizational Strategy
  • Charter contains a high-level version of
    • Purpose/justification
    • Measurable objectives/criteria of success
    • High-level requirements
    • Assumptions/constraints
    • High-level project description
    • Project boundaries
    • High-level risk
    • Milestone schedule
    • Budget
    • Stakeholder list
    • Project approval requirements
    • Success criteria (how do we know when the project is successful?)
    • Cancellation criteria (how do we decide if we should cancel the project early?)
    • Assigned project manager, and his responsibility
    • Name/authority of sponsor