Part 159: Business Documents
(INPUT Project Integration Management: Develop Project Charter)
(INPUT Project Integration Management: Close Project or Phase)
(INPUT Project Scope Management: Collect Requirements)
(INPUT Project Cost Management: Determine Budget)
(INPUT Project Procurement Management: Plan Procurement Management)
(INPUT Project Stakeholder Management: Identify Stakeholders)

  • The business documents were developed before the project started (see Section 21), but we always need to go back and look at them.
  • Business documents include
    • Business Case – which is used to create the project charter.  The business case answers the question: Why should the business fund this project?  How will this project help the business achieve its goals?
    • The Business Case is created by higher-level managers that the Project Manager answers to
    • What are some reasons for creating a business case? Market demand, Customer requests, Advances in technology, Legal requirements, Social requirements, and Ecological requirements
    • Benefits Management Plan – What benefits will the project bring?