Part 164: Procurement Documentation
(INPUT Project Integration Management: Close Project or Phase)
(INPUT Project Risk Management: Identify Risks)
(INPUT Project Procurement Management: Conduct Procurements)
(INPUT Project Procurement Management: Control Procurements)

  • Procurement Documentation is used to solicit proposals from prospective sellers
  • A “bid”, “tender”, or “quotation” is used when price is the main factor
  • A proposal is used when the technical capabilities are important in selecting a seller
    • Request for Information (RFI), Invitation for Bid (IFB), Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Quotation (RFQ), Tender Notice, Invitation for Negotiation are all used
  • Procurement documents are structured so that sellers can provide accurate and complete responses
  • Issuing procurement requests must be done in accordance with government regulations (if the buyer is a government), or in accordance with the organizational policies
  • When the Procurement Contract is closed, documentation (schedule, scope, quality, cost performance, contract change documentation, payment records, and inspection results) are collected, indexed, and filed
    • We also collect items like plans/drawings, documents, manuals, and technical documentation
  • We should review Procurement Documentation to identify sources of project risk