Part 182: Risk Register
(OUTPUT Project Risk Management: Identify Risks)

  • The Risk Register lists the results of the Risk Analysis and Risk Response Planning
  • The Risk Register is updated so that details about risks increase over time
  • A Risk can be positive or negative
  • Risks impact activity and project costs
  • A Negative Risk will increase the near-term cost of the project and delay the schedule
  • The team should be sensitive to Positive Risks that can accelerate the schedule or reduce project costs
  • The Risk Register contains
    • List of Identified Risks
      • Describes each risk
      • Describes each root cause, when known, so that it can be used to identify other risks
    • Potential Risk Owners
      • The owner of the risk, if identified
    • List of Potential Responses
      • Optional, and included if responses to risks were identified
    • Other Information
      • Other information could include Risk Title, Category, Status, Causes, Effect on Objectives, Triggers WBS Reference, and Timing