Part 187: Project Schedule Network Diagrams
(OUTPUT Project Schedule Management: Sequence Activities)

  • A PROJECT SCHEDULE NETWORK DIAGRAM = graphical representation of logical relationships (dependencies) between the project’s activities
  • Can be produced manually, or via project management software
  • Can be detailed or broad
  • Can include a summary narrative
    • Narrative describes the diagram and approach used to develop the sequence
    • Unusual activity sequences should be described in the narrative
    • When an activity has multiple predecessors, we say that we have a Path Convergence.  For example, we manufacture the tires, the engine, and the seats in the predecessor activities.  These three activities converge into the assembly of the vehicle.
    • When an activity has multiple successors, we say that we have a Path Divergence.  For example, we produce rubber in one activity.  This rubber is sent to manufacture tires, weather seals for the vehicle doors, and seals for the engine valves.
    • Divergence and Convergence create higher risks, because one activity is affected by, or can affect multiple activities