Part 190: Project Schedule

//Part 190: Project Schedule
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Part 190: Project Schedule
(OUTPUT Project Schedule Management: Develop Schedule)

  • The Project Schedule is an output from a schedule model that shows linked activities with planned dates, durations, milestones, and resources
  • Includes planned start and finish dates for each activity
  • During early stages of a project, the schedule is preliminary until resources are confirmed, and scheduled start and finish dates are established
  • Schedule is usually finalized when project management plan is completed
  • Project Schedule can be tabular or graphic
  • Graphic formats include
    • Bar Charts
      • Also known as Gantt Charts
      • Activities are on Vertical Axis
      • Dates are shown on Horizontal Axis
      • Activity durations are Horizontal Bars placed according to start and finish dates
    • Milestone Charts
      • Like a bar chart, but only shows start and completion of major deliverables
      • Does not show durations of activities
    • Project Schedule Network Diagram
      • Can be either an Activity-On-Node Diagram or a Time-Scaled Schedule Network Diagram
      • Activity-On-Node
        • Shows activities and their relationships without any time scale
      • Time-Scaled Schedule Network
        • Shows dates, logic and critical path schedule activities