Part 194: Requirements Traceability Matrix
(OUTPUT Project Scope Management: Collect Requirements)

  • The Requirements Traceability Matrix is a grid that links product requirements from their origin to their deliverables
  • The key benefits
    • Ensures that each requirement adds business value because each requirement is linked to a business objective and a project objective
    • Ensures that approved requirements are delivered at the end of the project
    • Provides a structure for managing changes
  • Each trace should include
    • Business need/opportunities/goals/objectives
    • Project objectives
    • Project scope
    • Product design
    • Product development
    • Test strategy
    • High-level requirements for more detailed requirements
  • Attributes for each requirement are recorded in the matrix
  • Attributes could include an identifier, textual description, rationale for inclusion, owner, source, priority, status, and status date