Part 197: Work Performance Information
(INPUT Project Integration Management: Monitor and Control Project Work)
(OUTPUT Project Scope Management: Validate Scope)
(OUTPUT Project Scope Management: Control Scope)
(OUTPUT Project Schedule Management: Control Schedule)
(OUTPUT Project Cost Management: Control Costs)
(OUTPUT Project Quality Management: Control Quality)
(OUTPUT Project Resources Management: Control Resources)
(OUTPUT Project Communications Management: Monitor Communications)
(OUTPUT Project Risk Management: Monitor Risks)
(OUTPUT Project Procurement Management: Control Procurements)
(OUTPUT Project Stakeholder Management: Monitor Stakeholder Engagement)

  • Work Performance Data is transformed into Work Performance Information
  • Data is not used in the decision-making process, only Information
  • Data by itself is useless because it does not have context or correlations
  • For example, if the data says we spent $1,000,000 and took six months to complete the project, that doesn’t help us much.  We need to compare it with the budget and schedule to see if we are over/under budget and on time or behind schedule.
  • In the different processes
    • For Scheduling, this includes SV (Schedule Variance) and SPI (Schedule Performance Index) for WBS components
    • For Costs, the calculated CV, SV, CPI, SPI, TCPI, and VAC values
    • For Procurement, the organization can identify the performance of its vendors, which helps in risk management and forecasting.