Part 198: Work Performance Reports
(INPUT Project Integration Management: Perform Integrated Change Control)
(INPUT Project Cost Management: Control Costs)
(INPUT Project Resource Management: Manage Team)
(INPUT Project Communications Management: Manage Communications)
(INPUT Project Risk Management: Monitor Risks)
(OUTPUT Project Integration Management: Monitor and Control Project Work)

  • Reports are a physical representation of the Work Performance Information
    • They can include graphs, charts, histograms, dashboards, heat maps, and summaries
  • Compiled in project documents to generate decisions/actions/awareness
  • Includes reports/memos/justifications/information/notes/updates
  • We send the Reports to stakeholders
  • In the procurement process, sellers provide
    • Technical Documentation = documentation for the products or services they plan to supply, in accordance with the contract
    • Work Performance Information = seller explains which deliverables are completed and which are not