Part 199: Agreements
(INPUT Project Integration Management: Develop Project Charter)
(INPUT Project Integration Management: Monitor and Control Project Work)
(INPUT Project Integration Management: Close Project or Phase)
(INPUT Project Scope Management: Collect Requirements)
(INPUT Project Schedule Management: Develop Schedule)
(INPUT Project Cost Management: Determine Budget)
(INPUT Project Resource Management: Control Resources)
(INPUT Project Risk Management: Identify Risks)
(INPUT Project Procurement Management: Control Procurements)
(INPUT Project Stakeholder Management: Identify Stakeholders)
(INPUT Project Stakeholder Management: Plan Stakeholder Engagement)
(OUTPUT Project Procurement Management: Conduct Procurements)

  • Defines the initial intention for a project
  • Forms of Agreements
    • Contract
    • Memorandum of Understanding
    • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    • Letter of Agreement/Letter of Intent
    • Verbal Agreement
  • Project management team must ensure that the agreements meet the needs of the project, and adhere to organizational policies
  • A contract is a legally binding document
  • With an external customer, a Contract or SLA is typically used
  • An agreement can include
    • Statement of Work and Deliverables
    • Schedule Baseline
    • Performance Reporting
    • Period of Performance
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Seller’s Place of Performance
    • Pricing, Fees, & Retainers
    • Incentives & Penalties
    • Payment Terms
    • Place of Delivery
    • Warranty
    • Product Support
    • Insurance and Performance Bonds
    • Subcontractor Approvals
    • Change Request Handling
    • Termination Clause and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Mechanisms
  • In Procurement, an agreement provides
    • Obligation for the seller to provide a specific product or service
    • Obligation for the buyer to pay for a product or service
    • Can contain
      • Statement of work
      • Deadline for delivering products or services
      • Price including incentives and penalties
      • Insurance
      • Warranty