Part 2: What is a Project?

A Project is

  • A Temporary Endeavor to create a Unique Product, Service or Result
  • TEMPORARY = defined beginning and end
  • A project’s duration can be short or long
  • The Product or Service created by the project is not temporary; the project can have a permanent impact
  • The project ends when it achieves its objectives, or when it is terminated (runs out of money, no longer possible to meet objectives, becomes illegal, no longer bringing benefits to the organization)
  • A Product is unique, and can be tangible or intangible
  • Projects have uncertainty
  • Projects bring change to organizations, governments, and/or the community
  • Projects create value for organizations
  • There are several types of projects.  Consider our example organization, which is designing ovens for sale in the United States.  As shown in the table below, we could have several types of projects.
Project TypeExample
ProductDesign of a new Oven
Product, which is a component of another ProductDesign of a new Oven door
ServiceDevelopment of a maintenance/repair program for the ovens that we sold
Capability to perform a serviceExpanding our maintenance crews to service ovens in other countries
Improvement in existing product/serviceImprove our oven manufacturing process to reduce defects in the final product
ResultDevelopment of a marketing plan for our new ovens