Part 202: Change Requests
(INPUT Project Integration Management: Perform Integrated Change Control)
(OUTPUT Project Integration Management: Direct and Manage Project Work)
(OUTPUT Project Integration Management: Monitor and Control Project Work)
(OUTPUT Project Scope Management: Validate Scope)
(OUTPUT Project Scope Management: Control Scope)
(OUTPUT Project Schedule Management: Define Activities)
(OUTPUT Project Schedule Management: Develop Schedule)
(OUTPUT Project Schedule Management: Control Schedule)
(OUTPUT Project Cost Management: Control Costs)
(OUTPUT Project Quality Management: Manage Quality)
(OUTPUT Project Quality Management: Control Quality)
(OUTPUT Project Resource Management: Acquire Resources)
(OUTPUT Project Resources Management: Develop Team)
(OUTPUT Project Resources Management: Manage Team)
(OUTPUT Project Resources Management: Control Resources)
(OUTPUT Project Communications Management: Monitor Communications)
(OUTPUT Project Risk Management: Plan Risk Responses)
(OUTPUT Project Risk Management: Implement Risk Responses)
(OUTPUT Project Risk Management: Monitor Risks)
(OUTPUT Project Procurement Management: Plan Procurement Management)
(OUTPUT Project Procurement Management: Conduct Procurements)
(OUTPUT Project Procurement Management: Control Procurements)
(OUTPUT Project Stakeholder Management: Identify Stakeholders)
(OUTPUT Project Stakeholder Management: Manage Stakeholder Engagement)
(OUTPUT Project Stakeholder Management: Monitor Stakeholder Engagement)

  • A Change Request is a proposal to modify a document, deliverable, or baseline
  • Can include new cost estimates, activity sequences, schedule, resource requirements, or risks
  • Can include adjustments to the Project Management Plan
  • Can also include preventative measures
  • Requests for a change can be direct or indirect, external or internal, optional or legally/contractually mandated
  • Risk Management can require a change request to be prepared
  • All stakeholders can request changes
  • Change requests go to the Change Control Board for approval/denial
  • An approved Change Request replaces the document/deliverable/baseline and results in an update to the Project Management Plan
  • Types of Change Requests
    • Corrective Action = If the project is not performing according to the Project Management Plan, action must be taken to realign it
    • Preventative Action = Ensure that future project performance is aligned with the Project Management Plan
    • Defect Repair = Activity to modify a nonconforming product or product component
    • Update = Changes to formally controlled project documents