Part 23: Knowledge Areas: Project Integration Management

Project Integration Management

  • Integration means running the project in general
  • It collects and combines all the other knowledge areas
  • It cannot be delegated; it must be completed by the project manager
  • It includes
    • Processes, and activities to identify, define, combine, unify, and coordinate processes and project management activities
    • Communicating with stakeholders
    • Managing stakeholder expectations
    • Managing project documents & knowledge throughout the project lifecycle, to ensure consistency
    • Making choices about resource allocation, and making trade-offs between competing objectives
    • Use of automated tools, and visual management tools to manage data.  These include Project Management Information Systems.
    • Participating in business cases, including initiating and finalizing the project, and engaging with stakeholders
    • Creating a Project Management Plan, monitoring its performance, and making changes

Completing project work and closing the project