Part 24: Knowledge Areas: Project Scope Management

Project Scope Management

  • Ensuring that the project contains all the work required to complete the project successfully, and that it contains no other work
  • Contains the Scope Baseline and Work Breakdown Structure

Scope Baseline and Work Breakdown Structure

  • The Scope Baseline is the approved version of the project scope (what the project will do)
  • The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a more detailed scope, broken down into smaller tasks (more on this later)

Project Scope vs Product Scope

    • Features that characterise a product, service, or result
    • We measure the completed product scope against the product requirements
    • Work required to deliver the product defined by the Product Scope
    • We measure the completed project against the Project Management Plan
  • Our project may have an agile, adaptive, or predictive life cycle
    • If the project is agile or adaptive, we redefine the scope and deliverables in each iteration
  • For example, the Product Scope might be a safe, energy-efficient, oven with four elements and an easy-to-use user interface.  The Product Scope is the end result.
  • The Project Scope could include researching energy-efficient design methods, designing the oven, developing a manufacturing process, negotiating with suppliers, & testing prototypes.