Part 55: Communication Methods
(Project Communications Management: Plan Communications Management)
(Project Communications Management: Manage Communications)

  • There are many forms of communication methods.  The project manager must select the best one for each circumstance.
  • Being able to identify communications methods is important for the exam
  • Communication Methods Include
    • Interactive Communication
      • Multidirectional communication between two or more parties
      • Includes meetings phone calls, social media, videoconferencing, and instant messages
    • Push Communication
      • One directional method of communication
      • In push communications, messages are sent to one or more recipients
      • Does not ensure that the message will be received or understood
      • Includes letters, memos, faxes, press releases, reports, and e-mail
    • Pull Communication
      • The audience is responsible for accessing the communication through their own initiative
      • Used for large volumes of communication and/or large audiences
      • Includes intranet, e-learning, and databases
  • The choice of communication methods depends on cost & time constraints, and familiarity & availability of tools
  • Major forms of communication include
    • Interpersonal Communication = Face-To-Face
    • Small Groups = Three to Six People
    • Public Communication = One Person talks to a Group
    • Mass Communication = The sender and the recipients have minimal connections, recipients may be anonymous
    • Networks & Social Computing = Use of social media to communicate