Part 57: Communication Requirements Analysis
(Project Communications Management: Plan Communications Management)

  • Communications Requirements Analysis determines the best way to communicate with stakeholders
  • Stakeholders need to be informed of the project’s status
  • We need to ask
    • Who we need to communicate with
    • What type of information they require
    • What format we should provide the information in
    • What the value of the information is
  • Every project has limited resources, and communication consumes resources
  • Therefore, we should only communicate information when it leads to success, or when a lack of communication leads to failure
  • We can obtain information from
    • The Stakeholder Register
    • Organizational chart
    • Stakeholder responsible and relationships
    • Logistics
    • Legal Requirements
  • The total number of communication channels determines the complexity of communications, calculated from  where n is the number of stakeholders
  • Limiting who will communicate with who and what information they will receive is a key part of planning
  • If we’re able to group stakeholders based on the information that they require, we can communicate with groups of stakeholders instead of individual stakeholders, and this will reduce the number of communication channels