Part 58: Communication Skills
(Project Communications Management: Manage Communications)
(Project Stakeholder Management: Manage Stakeholder Management)
(Project Stakeholder Management: Monitor Stakeholder Engagement)

  • The types of Communication Skills required include
    • Communication Competence
      • Clarity and purpose of message
      • Information sharing (knowing when and what to share)
    • Feedback
      • Reaction to communications
      • Includes coaching, mentoring, and negotiating
    • Nonverbal
      • Body language, tone of voice, eye contact, and facial expressions
      • The nonverbal communications affect the message
    • Presentations
      • Effective presentation of project information is important
      • Should provide stakeholders with
        • General information about the project & its objectives
        • Background information to assist them in making decisions
        • Progress reports regarding the project
      • Presentations should consider the audience, and their expectations & needs