Part 59: Communication Technology
(Project Resource Management: Develop Team)
(Project Communications Management: Plan Communications Management)
(Project Communications Management: Manage Communications)

  • The type of communication technology that we select is affected by
    • Urgency
      • How fast the message needs to be received
    • Availability and reliability of compatible technology
      • If we are communicating in a third-world country, they may not have access to computers or high-speed internet
      • Then we should consider other forms of technology
    • Ease of Use
      • It is important to select technology that is suitable for all users
      • Appropriate training may need to be provided (for example, if we are using video conferencing or Skype)
    • Project Environment
      • How does the team operate?  Face-To-Face or Virtual Teams? Time zones?
      • Are multiple languages spoken?
      • How does the culture of the project’s team members affect communication?
    • Sensitivity and Confidentiality of the Information
      • Additional security measures should be taken to protect sensitive information
      • The organization may have social media policies, which could limit communications methods
  • Types of communication technology
    • Shared Portal
      • Online website or database that contains information (examples include SharePoint and Intranet)
    • Video Conferencing/Audio Conferencing
      • Examples include Skype and Cisco
    • Email/Chat